Dharma class: The Sutra on Impermanence (conducted in Mandarin)

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The Buddha said, “Contemplate heaven and earth, and be mindful of their impermanence. Contemplate the world, and be mindful of its impermanence. Contemplate the efficacious, enlightened nature: it is the Bodhi nature. With this awareness, one quickly attains the Way”.

In this brief sutra, the Buddha reminds his disciples of one of the principal characteristics of samsaric existence: the reality of impermanence. The four things cherished most in this world, the Buddha says — namely good health, youth, prosperity, and life — are all impermanent. He closes his teaching with a verse, asking how beings, afflicted as they are by impermanence, can take delight in anything desirable, indirectly urging his disciples to practise the path of liberation.

Date: Every second and fourth Saturday of the month (Commenced on 12 March 2016)
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Dana: By donation
Register: Please register at the counter when you come for class.
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